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These are links to all of friend's homepages, or at least all of them that I know of! If you know me and want your link published on this page just send me some E-mail, a link to my address is at the bottom of this page.

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My Friendly Type Links

Brad's Mariah Carey Shrine
Keith's Homepage
Scrog Central
another one of Rob's pages
Rob's IbeScroggin Page
Rob is a busy guy, he has quite a few pages
Karen's Homepage
Doug's Homepage
It's one of the best personal webpages I've seen!
Kara Fry's Homepage
Kristy Pearce's Homepage
Hillary Phillips's Homepage
Malissa Frost's Homepage

Links for Virtual Gifts

Virtual Florist
Hey I'm a sweet guy! Send your special someone some virtual flowers!
iflowers Homepage
Click here to send someone virtual flowers or cards!!!
Phillip's Virtual Flowers & Gifts
Yet another site to find virtual flowers and cards to that special someone, friends like flowers and cards too though. Just a hint!
Blue Mountain Arts Hompage
Send a friend an animated card today. Specialized cards for almost every occasion!
PrintShop Live Mail Homepage
The most advanced animated cards ever! Send some to your friends and make 'em laugh!

Download Links
Find everything you've ever wanted to download off of the internet in one place!
AOL Instant Messenger
Download a free version of AOL's popular free Instant Messanger and start talking to your friends over the internet!!!

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Tripod's Homepage
(Webpage only)
Angelfire's Homepage
(Webpage and E-mail)
Geocities' Homepage
(Webpage Only)
Hotmail's Homepage
(E-mail only)

Matthew J. Gerken