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S u P e R s T i T i O n !
Do you believe?

To find out what most people believe go to my Myth vs. Reality Page , and then take the survey for yourself and tell me what you believe.

What is considered to be "bad luck"

Breaking a mirror7 yrs
Openning an Umbrella indoors5 yrs
Walking under a ladder3 yrs
Black cat walking in front of you?
Not responding to a chain letteryou're just plain screwed

When to make a wish

Get your Horoscope

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Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
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Magic 21

Magic 21 -
Free card game. For each "21" you make, you could win up to $4,999 in cash! Go try your hand  »

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Go ahead ask anything

Crystal Ball (for AOL users only)
Magic 8-ball
Magic Nipple

Find your fortune here

Fortune Cookie (for AOL users only)